The North, South and Trio House are located on 16th Avenue in the heart of the University of Washington U-District.

House Activities:

  • Weekly Vision 16 small group meetings with other women in the community. Each group has an adult mentor that meets with them
  • Weekly house meetings with guest speakers, time with your housemates, worship and other activities
  • Vision 16 Community Gatherings at the beginning of every quarter
  • Volunteer opportunities in the community
  • Residents contribute to chores around the Vision 16 houses
  • Meals shared together with housemates
  • Community social events

House Facilities:

  • Gas fireplace
  • Fully equipped kitchen with ample refrigerator and cabinet storage space for residents’ personal food as well as a microwave, conventional oven, dish-washer, and all utensils for preparing and serving
  • All Vision 16 houses have coin-operated laundry
  • Furniture includes: twin beds, dressers and desks.
  • All common areas are fully furnished.